Elementals - The Magic Key Deluxe

Elementals - The Magic Key Deluxe

Elementals - The Magic Key includes a great variety of games with a magic theme
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Playrix Entertainment

Elementals - The Magic Key is a wonderful combination of adventure, puzzle, and hidden-object games with a fantastic magic theme. In this game, you must help Alpert rescue her sister and restore the Key of Eiron. As you play, you are told the story and Alpert tells you exactly what you have to do, so you will never get lost.

During most of the game, you will be finding objects and use them in the scenes to perform certain tasks. The scenes are very well created and the objects to find are cleverly hidden. The list of objects to find will be shown with silhouettes, not in words as usual. If you can't find an object, you can always resort to the hints.

The game includes over 20 locations to play, all featuring different backgrounds, elements to find, and mini-games to play. What is more, the game offers over 30 original and very enjoyable puzzles and mini-games that will surely keep you entertained. There are also amazing board battles between elementals that add more action to the game. Once you play the battles and mini-games in the story mode, they become accessible to play them whenever you want in the bonus menu.

The game features very attractive and detailed graphics with enchanting characters. The music is very pleasant and the sound effects are perfect for the game. To sum up, Elementals - The Magic Key offers a great combination of different games and incredible graphics that will surely satisfy the most demanding players.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Nice music
  • Great combination of games
  • Enjoyable puzzles and mini-games


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